We offer a comprehensive kennelling service.

Our kennels are not the standard 2 by 3 meter concrete floored, brick walled enclosures people have come to expect from kennels. They are designed with the dog in mind.

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Our kennels have the following dog-friendly design features:
  • Large enclosures provide ample space for exercise when the dog chooses to. They also make it possible to house more than one dog together. Dogs held in large enclosures are less likely to develop negative associations with their kennelling experience.
  • Wire fences instead of brick walls allow dogs to see what is happening around them. This is a great help in reducing anxiety.
  • The large shelters provide ample protection against the elements and are provisioned with lights, comfortable sleeping facilities and have fittings for heating lamps for those very cold nights.
  • While the winter cold doesn't allow the grass to grow throughout the year, a green lawn is maintained in summer. During the dry months the enclosures are lined with wood shavings. This makes the enclosures easy to clean without drenching everything with water every day.
We generally only accept school dogs into our kennels, which means that we know the dogs. The advantage of this approach is that we can make the kennelling experience an enriching one. Depending on the dog's known temperament, we can make several accommodations.
  • Small dogs that are used to sleeping indoors, will, temperament permitting, usually be accommodate in the house with some of the school's own dogs.
  • Since we are not interested in merely kennelling large numbers of dogs, we are committed to pay personal attention to the dogs that we do take in. They become part of the family for the time they spend with us.
  • The school's own dogs, made up of Lynnellen German Shepherds and a variety of mostly rescue dogs, are all well socialised. Dogs with a suitable temperament will be allowed to 'run with the pack' under close supervision. This is an immense learning for dogs that few other places can offer.
  • We have recently refurbished an old fish pond and created a water haven for the dogs. This water feature, a firm favourite with the water dogs (and many others), is part of a set of play equipment we have designed specifically for the entertainment of our resident and visiting dogs.
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