Obedience for everyone

We offer a range of obedience classes from elementary classes for beginners, to advanced classes for serious dog sport participants. Making use of the natural way by which dogs learn is the most powerful training method. We therefore predominantly use guided operant# learning, positive reinforcement and repetition as training methods. As a rule we stay away from coercive training techniques.
Our classes are for you if:
  • your dog is in desperate need of structure and discipline.
  • you have never trained your dog and would like to start.
  • you have gone trough puppy training (at Manderston or any other school) and would like to continue training.
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  • you and your dog are participating in a dog sport and would like to maintain a high standard of obedience training.
  • you have a dog with a problem that you are working on correcting.
  • you would like your children to get more involved with your family's dogs, or perhaps as part of an occupational therapy programme (in consultation with the Occupational Therapist).
  • you wish to participate in our Personal Protection or Therapy Dog programme.
  • you are looking for a structured and relaxing weekend activity you can share with your dog.

#Operant learning can be described as the process through which the dog learns by experimenting until he discovers the correct response. Solving the problem correctly is rewarded. The handler gently guides the dog in the right direction if necessary. The dog is thus an active thinking participant in the learning and training process.

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