Puppies learn best during the first 5 months of their lives

Puppies have an enormous capacity for learning. They learn most of what they will ever need to know throughout their lives in the first four to five months of their lives! They can and do learn later on in life, but as it is with us, it takes a lot more effort as they get older.
The ideal time to start training your puppy is at eight weeks. The sooner you begin, the more you'll manage to achieve. We can accommodate puppies of all ages and you can start at any time.

What do we teach?

The important aspects of puppy training are:
  • Socialising them to other humans and animals. This means ensuring that your pup grows up to be a dog without excessive and unjustified fear, aggression, or nervousness towards humans, other dogs and whatever other animals you may have.
  • Teaching them the skills we require of them to fit into our households.
  • Developing their minds and bodies to their full potential.
Our facilities provide the necessary spaces and equipment while our qualified and experienced staff will teach you how to guide your puppy through his learning phase at home.

Dealing with fear

Young puppies go through a number of fear imprint phases during which they learn to avoid "bad" things or situations. Bad or scary experiences during this period can leave a lasting impression. These phases are specifically designed to protect a dog from danger throughout his life. Sometimes a puppy can be frightened by things that may influence his functioning in the family and needs help to overcome his fear.  We give you guidance on how to handle this very vital process in your puppy's development.

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Dealing with aggression

Many young puppies exhibit aggression. It may look cute if a eight-week-old puppy appears ready to take on the world, but it could be the beginning of something you'd rather avoid. Many adult aggression problems start during puppyhood. We can help you identify and address potential problems during the first few months of your puppies life.

Raising a dog you'll be proud of

The sooner you start training, socialising and stimulating your puppy to reach his potential, the easier it will be to raise a dog you'll be proud of. You'll be able to take him to the vet without having to hide behind the counter or the parking lot to avoid conflict. A walk in the park will be fun! You won't feel like a little red flag flapping at the end of the lead. Having friends with their kids over for a braai on a Saturday afternoon won't be a problem because your puppy learnt early on in his life that kids are fun to be around.

There really is no reason to wait. Why not enrol right now? If you have any questions, give us a call .
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