All dogs retrieve articles, including prey. They do it mostly for themselves, the their pups, and the pack. Retrieving articles involves finding and identifying them using his sight, smell, hearing, memory. Think of the process involved in retrieving a bone buried some time ago. Getting your dog to retrieve articles for you takes some training and practice.

Identifying and retrieving articles forms an integral part of many dog sports, including obedience tests, tracking, working trials, and Schutzhund. Finding and identifying articles forms the greater part of many a working dog's daily task. This high level of performance can only be achieved by intensive ongoing training.

In and around the home retrieving articles has a number of useful applications. First off there is the endless fun to be had throwing a ball or stick to be retrieved time and time again. Not only is it a great deal of fun, it is also a fantastic workout for your dog. When your dog has retrieved something for himself you can use the training to bring the article to you instead. This means no more running after that lest silver stiletto that was worn only once, or that as yet unread You Magazine or newspaper! Take this one step further and you can get your dog to bring you articles you point to or even name. Now isn't this just an amazingly useful skill?

We train identification and retrieval of items in a fun and exciting way. Two of our dogs even regularly engage in a retrieving race!
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