Our Logo

Manderston Canine Academy's log embodies our identity and values.

We strongly believe that a trained dog is a happy dog. Training is so much more than just learning to sit, lie down, and come when called. It is the development of rapport between owner and dog, as well as the foundation for shared activities that are enjoyed by both dog and owner. The dog playing on the "surface" formed by "Manderston Canine Academy" in the logo symbolises this basic philosophy.

Manderston Canine Academy does not discriminate when it comes to the dogs we train. Everyone is welcome: any breed, age, and previous training experience can be accommodated. Even dogs with behaviour issues deserve a chance to learn and grow to become dogs that are a joy to be around. We recognise that dogs, like people, learn at different rates; therefore we do not offer fixed-term courses, but rather set outcomes to be achieved in our classes. Consequently you do not have to wait for a course to start, you can stay as long as it takes to achieve the outcomes, and you can move on to a next level as soon as your dog is ready to do so, should you wish to. The multi-coloured dog speaks of these principles.

Understanding how dogs think and why they behave the way they do is key to successful, painless training. While we recognise that there are many different training methods, we believe that play and exploration is a dog's natural, and preferred method of learning. Accordingly, we employ play and enjoyable training methods wherever we can. The red ball symbolises our play methods, while the paw-print indicates our commitment to understanding the dog's thinking, behaviour, and preferences.
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