Participating in a dog sport can be a highly rewarding activity for both owner and dog. It doesn't have to be competitive either. Beyond the obedience work that forms the main focus of the school, we offer tracking from beginner's level to advanced competitive courses.

When you consider that smell is the dog's strongest sense and literally millions of times more sensitive than ours, it is a shame that most dogs don't get to use it for anything that extends beyond the garden wall. Tracking practices the sense and the brainpower behind it and in so doing empowers the dog to use his sense of smell more efficiently and constructively in everyday life.

What do we do?

We meet early on a Saturday morning in an open field close to Manderston Canine Academy.

The tracks are laid purely for sports purposes and work towards the KUSA tests and develop the dog's skill at discriminating between different scents and following one specific scent. To add to the difficulty as dog and handler progress in skill and confidence, articles can be left along the track which the dog must find and identify.

When should we start?

You can start as soon as you start puppy training. Certain breeds, particularly the scent hounds, need to start training at a very early age to teach them to focus before they become overwhelmed by the multitude of interesting smells out there.

It is certainly easier to teach a young dog to track, but older dogs can learn the skill.
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