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Manderston Canine Academy owner Charlene Kruger has a wealth of knowledge and experience. She, together with her complement of staff, are geared provide you with the best possible training, guidance and advice.

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Charlene is the founder and owner of Manderston Canine Academy. Her career started more than 25 years ago, when she bought her first German Shepherd Dog, "Major", and joined the Pinetown German Shepherd Dog Club to train him. It turned out that he was a bit of a hooligan and Charlene ended up in the remedial class with him. It is a testament to her love for dogs that she persevered with him where others would  have given up and either re-homed him or put him to sleep. Through sheer determination and under the guidance of trainer Bob Radcliffe, she managed to get control of him and he became her first successful working dog. "Major taught me how to laugh at myself," says Charlene.

She then bought "Sadie" and with the help of trainers Don Pead and Lynne Milnes, they learned the art of tracking. Sadie was phenomenal!

Don continued the training of Charlene and passed on his knowledge of tracking, obedience and manwork. He taught her the Golden Rule of all dog training :-

"All successful training is an association of good ideas."

pixlr charleneThis one concept would be the most defining concept in making Charlene the success she is in both handling and training dogs. Her third dog, what she calls "her ego trip", was a long haired German Shepherd named "Tasso". Tasso was a regular at Natal dog shows. He was used in demonstrations to show what perfect training and the partnership between canine and human could attain. Demonstrations were in highly trained manwork.

Charlene has attained numerous dog training and behaviour qualifications to underscore her vast experience. She is registered with the South African Board of Companion Animal Professionals as Animal Behaviourist and Animal-Assisted Practitioner and she is a Judge for the Kennel Union of South Africa. Charlene is also actively involved in the training of aspiring trainers and behaviourists, thereby contributing to the ongoing development of knowledgeable and responsible animal practitioners.

She also runs a therapy dog programme at a physical rehabilitation unit in Johannesburg. The programme has been running for close to 7 years.


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