Behaviour Consulting

Manderston offers a comprehensive animal behaviour consulting service.
We have an office on the premises and consult by appointment. The process typically involves the following:
  • You contact us and arrange an appointment.
  • There is a comprehensive form for you to complete. The form helps us gain a overview of your dog's background and the history of your problem before we see you. You can fill in this form using the Enrol Online link or download a form here.
  • We prefer to have our first consultation at our office, but are flexible in this regard. It also depends on the behaviour problem we are to address whether we meet at your home or at our office.
  • At the end of our first consultation we agree on a plan and the process from there depends on the complexity of the case.

Our fee includes the first consultation and follow-up. Home visits are charged at AA rates calculated on the distance between our office and your home. Follow-up fees thereafter are negotiated based on the case.

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